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I went home last night ready to ride the wave of the internet but I still have very slow internet connection from Bayantel DSL (ISP in the Philippines). I have 768 kbps subscription and still experiencing having a 128 kbps internet connection. I’m fun of downloading torrents to get some files from the net. I keep sending text to Bayantel Help Desk, you can text them . After a few hours I have 512 kbps by testing my internet speed at www.speedtest.net. I’m not satisfied because with the speed, so I installed another internet speed boosting software. I wasn’t good enough because my PC went nuts and it’s back to slow moving machine. :( I keep searching the internet and found this product Tune-up Utilities 2009. I installed it and good enough their lots of warnings I get. I realized that I had vulnerabilities that was not detected by my Russian forces (sounds cold war huh..), it is my Kaspersky Internet Security. The security issue was I was hacked with so many opened packets, (sounds technical..), with few minutes of tweaking and running wizards. My DESKTOP PC had risen, the internet is back to its lightning speed (hahhaha…). I can’t believe in my own eyes, the speed of my PC is back (it’s almost 3 months suffering this dilemma). So a quick review of Tune-up utilities features are:

  • Increase PC Performance

Are the programs on your PC running sluggish?
Click here to see how you can increase PC performance without expensive hardware!

  • Solve Problems Quickly and Simply

Do your programs crash regularly? Have you lost data?
Click here to find out how you can get rid of these problems!

  • Customize Your Windows PC

Want your PC to reflect your personality?
Click here to find out how you can customize Windows With TuneUp Utilities!

  • Clean Up Your Windows PC!

Want to extend the life of your Windows PC without having to perform tiresome maintenance?
Click here to find out how TuneUp Utilities can help you simplify these basic tasks.

  • Easy Optimization Whenever You Start Your Windows PC!

Click here to get a system overview and recommendations for maintenance every time you log onto your Windows PC.

  • Useful Additional Tools

Comfortable tinkering with your Windows PC and want to know how you can optimize it on your own?
Click here to find out how you can repair and maintain your system on your own!

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